Our company operates in the field of timber since 1970.

Experience, consistency and competitive prices are a few factors that lead many Greek public services and private companies to include us among their head timber suppliers. These collaborations gave us the opportunity to contribute to the construction of major projects in Greece such as Olympic facilities, National roads, tunnels, subways, airport, malls, privates and public buildings.

We are collaborating with the Ministry of Culture by timber supplying. In this way we are contributing to the reconstruction of classic and modern monuments, in many archaeological sites all over Greece.

Although we have experience, we look forward on getting more knowledge concerning our field.

Our relationship with timber

We support and insist on rational use of timber.

We consider timber as a valuable building material. It is our responsibility to collaborate with certified FSC factories.

The sustainable use of valuable timber raw material will ensure it’ s availability for the future generations.

We like innovation. It moves us forward. We are open to new ideas, invest in new technologies, constantly renew our range, follow market’s trend and cover every possible need.

We want collaborators where their philosophy is similar to ours.

Company’s aims

Our aim is to satisfy our customers.

We suggest the appropriate timber for every ocassion, at the best price.

We advise our customers to extend their timber’s life with regular maintenance.
Timber is our Oxygen.